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B0222 - Me and the Moon - Designer: Jess Italia Lincoln
Handcraft a unique focal for an all metal bracelet. I stamped the words "Me and the moon" onto our Rectangle Blank Connector using the Lowercase Kismet Letter Stamp Set from Beaducation.com, I just love this whimsical font! I painted and inked the Man in the Moon pendant with Juniper Acrylic Paint Dabbers and Pool Alcohol Inks, to give it a natural patina look. I lightly sanded the excess paint and ink from the surface with a fine grit sanding block, you can also use ultra fine steel wool. Once I marked the moon and blank with a black sharpie, I added the holes with the screw down hole punch and riveted the pieces together. The pewter ~ Dream, Explore, Create, Imagine, Discover ~ bracelet cuff from BlessingRings.com was wire wrapped to jump rings and connected to a lobster clasp and the blank. I love the look of mixed metals and this bracelet is just that!
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