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HPF25 - 2.5in Pearl Head Pin (360 pcs)

Product Description:
Gauge: 25
Metal type: Natural Brass

This item is used for creating bead drops & links. Bead linking is the old world style of linking. Use head pins like you would string for a bead. Simply slide on the bead and for a simple, coiled or wrapped loop with the straight end to make a bead drop or link perfect for connecting to chain and other components in your jewelry. This item is thinner and finer than other head pins. Ideal for stringing and beading with pearls. *NOTE, due to the fins gauge of this item, the head pins will be slightly bent in the package. Simply straighten out with your fingers before adding a bead.*

Incorporate this into a project! Not only are these wonderful beading jewelry components, but they're perfect for embellishing other projects too! See our most recent projects designed using this product by clicking on one of the Project Ideas and Techniques featured on this page. Or visit the Idea Gallery to discover more great ideas, tips, techniques and inspiration for using this item!
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