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IRA50438 - 9x9in Studio Non-stick Craft Sheet (2 pcs)
Keep your workspace clean with the new ICE Resin® Studio Sheets from Ranger.

These reusable, multi-purpose Studio Sheets protect your work surface. The smooth, non-stick material allows for easy clean up, ideal for use with Vintaj Patinas and ICE® Resin products. Perfect for blending patinas, pouring and mixing resin, Cold Enameling with ICE Resin® ICED Enamels, Tinting with ICE Resin® Tints, Paper Sealing and making resin paper. Easy removal of patinas, glaze, cured resin, adhesives, and more.

Sold 2 per package, each measuring 9in x 9in.
Heat resistant, multi-purpose & reusable

Visit our YouTube Channel for Patina + ICE Resin technique videos showing the use of Studio Sheets.

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