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IRR-ICE25 - ICE Resin 25ml Plunger Single
ICE Resin® is the perfect medium for jewelry and mixed media projects.

A Jeweler’s grade resin, ICE Resin is crystal clear, self-doming and-leveling. ICE Resin® is an easy to use 2-part epoxy resin; simply mix a one-to-one ratio of equal parts A (resin) and B (hardener), stir gently, apply to project then allow to dry and cure (following instructions on package).

Get creative and try a variety of techniques using Vintaj Patinas + ICE Resin!

Easy to use 2-part epoxy resin; non-toxic when cured.
Use for jewelry making and mixed media projects.
Sold in 1 unit of a 25ml Plunger Single.

Visit our YouTube Channel for Patina + ICE Resin technique videos showing the use of ICE Resin 25ml Plunger Single.

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