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VPI37019 - Vintaj Patina - Marble (0.5 oz)

Product Description:

Vintaj Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal. They create beautiful and durable patina effects, and easily clean up with water. The Patinas will colorize Vintaj natural brass, artisan copper, artisan pewter, vogue solid brass, and arte metal findings and filigree (as well as other metals) for gorgeous jewelry and crafting projects.

Vintaj Patinas are fast drying, acid free and clean up with water. They are permanent and work beautifully on a variety of surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, fabric, paper, leather, burlap and so much more!

Available in a palette of 31 hues and 4 metallics, the Patinas can be blended and layered to create endless patina effects. Mix with Glaze to work as an extender and create a color wash. Glaze or Matte Glaze can also be applied as a sealer for extra durability. Patinas also work great with ICE Resin to create a variety of effects!

Sold individually. Also find Marble available in our Painted Barn Patina Kit, the color combination was developed to mimic natural patinas that would occur over time.

- Opaque inks for metal
- 31 blendable colors and 4 metallics
- 9 kits of 3 colors each; 2 kits of 2 metallics each
- Fast drying satin finish
- No acids and UV safe

For more inspiration, tips & techniques, visit the Vintaj Idea Gallery.
Download Patina Color Mixing Chart, to create an endless palette of colors.
Visit our YouTube Channel for Patina technique videos.

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